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When I went to Dr Fogler, I knew between his expertise and charismatic approach that I was in excellent hands! I recently moved out of the area, but I still made the 45+ minute trip! I could barely walk into his office and by the next morning I was good as new! I wouldn’t choose any other chiropractor in the area to address my needs! He is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend him! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Dr Fogler!!! You’re the best!!!!

Cait S.

I recommend Fogler Chiropractic highly!!! Dr. Fogler made me like a new man in one visit. Not only is he skilled but he is professional and personable… he makes you feel like a friend from the door and explains in detail everything he is doing and why. Also, I feel the quality of service you receive in a DR’s office is almost as important as the care. Fogler Chiropractic will be my only chiropractor from now on.

Michael A.

Dr Fogler has been extremely helpful to me over many years. His advanced techniques are very quick and seem amazingly simple, yet they are enormously effective and have made a huge difference in my physical condition. The combination of Dr Fogler’s deep knowledge and easy-going personality make discussions about my physical condition very straightforward and always result in a great outcome.

Dave B.

Dr. Fogler is the best chiropractor I’ve been to. 1)He has an impressive understanding of the back and how mis-alignment will affect different parts of the body. 2)His adjustments are targeted, gentle, and effective 3)He routinely has me lift my right, then left arm or leg, detects a weakness on one side, thunks one vertebra (with his little spring-loaded hand-held adjuster), and the weakness is gone. I shake my head in disbelief every time–it’s way beyond me how he knows what to do and gets it right. 4)Unlike other chiropractors I’ve been to, he’s a doctor providing only the care that is needed, not a businessman selling a monthly plan. 5)He’s a warm, nice guy who remembers me (despite my once- or twice-a-year visits). 6)He often suggests that I will NOT need a follow-up visit but welcomes me every time when I think I do.

Glen C.

I heard about this program from my sister who lives in TN. She had great success with her chiropractor. I researched the program and contacted Dr. Fogler to get started. I was so relieved when I met him. He was so nice and not judgmental and assured me that I would be successful with this program. I started the program December 30th and 6 weeks later I have lost 23 lbs! Remarkable. I feel amazing and have my energy back. I’m down 2 pant sizes and am looking forward to continued success over the next few months. Dr. Fogler is always smiling and genuinely happy for me as I continue my journey.

Sheri B.

From my point of view, Dr. Will is an intuitive healer. His methods are gentle, but precise, and he can connect the dots on the real underlying cause of my discomfort. I have been a chiropractic patient of his for almost 17 years and I even entrusted him to adjust my 6 month old son in my arms. Three years ago he helped me to lose about 45 pounds and I have kept it off since. I would recommend him for both Chiropractic Care and weight loss.

Michael M.
(609) 737-2006