Dr. William Fogler

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Dr. William FoglerSeventeen years ago Dr. William Fogler returned to his hometown, and opened up his first chiropractic office in Hopewell Borough before moving to a location above the Stop and Shop on Denow Road. Five years ago he made the move to solo practice in the Pennington Market Shopping Center on Route 31.

“I am born and bred in Hopewell. It is a great place to grow up and raise a family,” adds Dr. Fogler. He attended Hopewell Valley Schools K-12, and currently his two young daughters attend the district.

While in growing up, Dr. Fogler was an active soccer player, swimmer, and track runner. He continued playing soccer in college at the University of South Florida while majoring in business. “When I was in college I was dating a girl whose father was a chiropractor,” Dr. Fogler says to explain his change of major. Her father explained what he did from a “health and wellness standpoint, working with healing a body. He adjusted me and made a lot of sense.” In only two visits the restless legs he had since a child went away. “I made a decision that’s what I’m going to do.”

From the University of South Florida, Dr. Fogler graduated as a chiropractor from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. As a solo practitioner he has put his business courses to good use, something his father, an investment businessman, also recognizes. Dr. Fogler inspired his sister, Nikki Haag, to follow in his footsteps by attending the same schools and also becoming a chiropractor, something she did until taking a leave to raise her young children.

Eight months ago Dr. Fogler has had another shift in his career by officially helping people safely and effectively lose weight. While chiropractic still accounts for eighty percent of his business, he wants that shift to change through ChiroThin, a six week natural dietary supplementary program designed solely for chiropractors to use.

“It is a low-glycemic, anti-inflammatory diet,” explains Dr. Fogler. This program involves being monitored weekly to check patient’s weight and other measurements. In Dr. Fogler’s experience patients lose on average 21 pounds in six weeks and drop about two to three dress sizes. “People are burning fat in this diet and losing inches. They are changing dress sizes or taking in their belts. They are losing weight off of their waist and hips.”

Other benefits of losing so much weight include “their blood sugar drops, their blood pressure drops and they are feeling better. They are getting rid of diabetes medicine because their bodies are functioning as they are supposed to,” adds Dr. Fogler.

Dr. Fogler made the shift to treating weight loss after “always giving advice to people. I thought I should really develop a program people should follow. I found this one that mimics the advice I was giving. They only sell to chiropractic offices exclusively. I believe I am the only doctor in the area who does it.”

According to the ChiroThin website, the ChiroThin formula includes specific amounts of amino acids, vitamins, and cell salts for further added benefits.

After the six weeks “patients go on more of a maintenance program and go forward. Or we wait a few weeks and go for another round.” At that point he measures their BMR (Basal Metabollic Rate, or the basic amount of calories they need to survive. Patients keep the weight loss off – “they lose it and have the tools so they know how to keep it off for the rest of their lives. It is very successful; some are still losing weight during the maintenance stage. They have more control of their life and eating. There is a physical and behavioral change and how you interact with food that carries through the rest of life,” continues Dr. Fogler.

As for Dr. Fogler, he continues to lead an active lifestyle and is always on the go, especially with his daughters.

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